• What’s all about?

    Aaron is a man at the end of his 30’s. Until recently, he commanded the boxing ring and became an MMA (mixed martial arts) world champion. However, the sport took its toll, leaving him with a noticeable mental impairment. Retired from the game and with most of his money spent on lawsuits, Aaron turns his music hobby into his new profession. Unfortunately fans find it difficult to bare the endlessly soft and outright boring music he sings and performs on guitar. Will anyone take Aaron serious, someone once idolized and no longer at the top of his game?

    At a performance Aaron finds himself on stage with Bobby - a young man who translates Aaron’s lyrics in sign language for the audience. His presence is not accidental at all - an immigrant who came from Bulgaria with his twin sister (Jana). Bobby seeks his long-desired success as an MMA fighter in the USA. He knows sign language because Jana refused to talk until she was eight-years old.

    Soon after Aaron bombs on stage he meets Bobby, who immediately sees that he and Aaron are on the same path to redefine themselves. Under the guise of matchmaker, Bobby introduces him to his equally challenged sister for Aaron’s “benefit.” He convinces Aaron to backseat his music career and return to the ring to restore his former glory by fighting him in Bulgaria - one of the few places in the world Aaron is not prohibited from boxing. However, Jana is not easily swayed by brother’s role as cupid. Despite some obvious chemistry between the two, they find themselves more at odds than falling in love.

    The trio travel to Bulgaria and Aaron gets to see Jana in her native land, meet her parents and the local gypsies who became a surrogate family to her. She reveals that at early age in her native country her parents enrolled her in a school for mentally challenged children, also frequented by gypsies living in her village. Jana reconnects with her other family and it deeply impacts Aaron. Meanwhile, Bobby continues to fine-tune his plan, however, even the best-laid plans fall apart. Often with pain. Many times with humor. But always with surprises.

  • Who’s playing?

    There are 4 main roles.

    3 have been cast.

    Bobby - Orlin Pavlov (Cast)

    "Living Legends", "Legend of Hercules"

    JANA - Sanya Borisova-Ilieva

    "The Foreigner", "Living Legends""

    AARON - Gary Dourdan


  • Want to see your brand here?

    The film also offers product-placement opportunities and will organically insert internationally recognizable brands into the story, including:

    Airlines: for international travel from the US to Europe

    Apparel/Sports Wear: T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts and footwear

    Beverage companies: coffee, sports and energy drinks

    Hotels: for cast and select crew in New York, Los Angeles and Bulgaria

    Mobile and Digital Technology

    Recreational Vehicles: motorbikes

    Sports Broadcasters: to telecast the fight

    Sports Gear: boxing gloves, bags, pads and protection

  • Want to write us?

    for product placement